Study abroad

Training Universities:

  •     University of Chmistry and Technology Prague
  •     University of Economics, Prague
  •     Tomas Bata Univerity
  •     Technical University of Ostrava
  •     University of Ostrava
  •     Charles University
  •     University of Pardubice
  •     Palacky University
  •     Masaryk University
  •     Leipzig University of Applied Sciences
  •     Technical University of Dresden 

Some faculties:

  •     Facculty of Food and Biochemistry Technology
  •     Faculty of Finance and Accounting
  •     Facculty of Business Administration
  •     Facculty of Logistics and Crisis Management
  •     Facculty of Multimedia Communications
  •     Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  •     Faculty of Civil Engineering
  •     Faculty of Pharmacy
  •     Faculty of Law
  •     Faculty of Medicine
  •     Facculty of Architecture and Social Sciences
  •     Faculty of Environmental Sciences
  •     Facculty of Linguistics
  •     Faculty of Safety Engineering
  •     Facculty of Mining and Geology
  •     Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  •     Faculty of Sports Science
  •     Faculty of Humanities
  •     Facculty of Restoration
  •     Facculty of Transport Engineering

Tuition fee:

  •    Czech: 0
  •    German: 0
  •    English: 600 – 5000 EUR/ academic year (depending on degree and level)

Time training:

  •     Bachelor: 3-4 years
  •     Master: 2 years
  •     Doctor: 3-4 years


  • 100% tuition fee free for Czech training programs.
  • Tuition fees are lower in English than in Western Europe, Singapore, UK, Australia and the USA.
  • The number of majors is diversified, many of which are HOT (pharmacy, chemical technology,  telecommunications, international business, computer science, etc.).
  • The European Cooperation Center offers many scholarships for excellent students.
  • The degree is of international value.
  • You have many opportunities to travel throughout Europe (Czech Republic is a Schengen member). This is safe destination for students with a solidarity Vietnamese community, has been recognized by the Czech Government as an ethnic minority in the 14 ethnic groups of the Czech Republic.
  • The cost of living is about $ 300 - $ 400/ month.
  • High employment opportunities after graduation.

European Cooperation Center

  Room C126 – No.19, Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
  (84-028) 37  755  107